Friday, 7 December 2012

How to Choose the Right Carpet For Your Business

Setting up a new business is an important and fun process. There are many things you can take into consideration as you make decisions as to what carpets, paint, accessories and furnishings you want to purchase. 

The first item you will probably want to consider is the carpets. The flooring can provide warmth and beauty beyond its functionality. There are many things to consider when looking at the many swatches and samples you will have to choose from.

Think about...
What style carpet are you looking for? 
Do you like the long strands or short cropped styling? 
Each has benefits you may want to consider before making a choice purely on aesthetics. The shorter fibber carpets will wear much longer and show far less of the daily abuses they receive. For high traffic areas the shorter styles especially those with looped fibbers will hold up to the high demands placed on them. 

Will you have lots of people coming in and out of your space?
Will there be some areas that see more action than others? 
These are highly important considerations when it comes to whether or not you want to use the highest quality carpet padding available. Once you have determined the fibber type and style you will want to consider a high quality padding for rooms that have lots of action and traffic. There are many densities available depending on your needs.

Now that you have chosen the type of carpeting and the padding you need for your location it's time for the fun part. Carpets come in a tremendous variety of colours and patterns to accentuate and ground any type of designer space. You can purchase carpeting in a wide range of neutrals to set off your professional environment or other colours to bring beauty and elegance for a more unique style. Choosing a simple beige is the most common business decision though there are many variations of even this simple colour scheme. Berbers come in mixed colours so you can experience a broader spectrum of browns all in one versatile carpet choice.

Be sure when making your purchasing decisions to use commercial grade carpets to ensure the long lasting results your business deserves. You have achieved the perfect combination of colour, style, beauty and function. Have your carpet professionally installed to keep all warranties in place and make the most of your investment. This choice is the building block for the rest of your look. Once this foundation is in place it's time to complete your business decor.

Purchasing carpet for your business is the first step toward making your business your own. Each step you take toward completion is a move toward your future. Every decision you make is important, take time to do all the necessary research to ensure you will be happy with the products and choices you put into your company. If you are having a difficult time deciding what to purchase there are many professionals available to help give decorating ideas and advice; why not contact the team at Birch Carpets today!