Wednesday, 4 September 2013

15 Weird Facts About Carpets

Just because carpet belongs underfoot doesn’t mean that it should belong out of mind! We often take this wonderful creation for granted but if you dig a little deeper and you’ll discover all kinds of fascinating facts and here are just 15.
1.The Norovirus has the ability to survive on an unclean carpet for more than a month.

2. The oldest carpet in history is the Pazyryk carpet, which is over 2,000 years old. It was discovered in the Scythian tomb of Southern Siberia in the 1940s.

3.Experts say that air blown out from a vacuum cleaner could be one of the places in the home with the most germs.

4. Originally the swastika was a symbol of fortune and can be found on many carpets in America, Europe and China.

5.The saying "to weep under the carpet" was first recorded in 1963.

6. The #3 hit song "Magic Carpet Ride" By the band Steppenwolf was the bands second hit, after "born to be Wild".

7. The Vacuum cleaner which was invented by Edmund Heming in 1699 was inspires by the street-sweeping machine.

8. Vacuum cleaners in the early 20th century were so large that it took 3 people to operate them, they were also powered by coal.

9. Red carpets are used at formal events and the first reference to a "red carpet" is Agamemnon (458 B.C.) by Aeschlus.

10. The old wives tale says that if you rub an ice cube again chewing gum that is stuck to a carpet then it will become brittle and should break off.

11. The borders of some oriental carpet are thought to protect those sat within the confines.

12. In Europe, Oriental carpets were a highly prized possession in the Middle Ages and crusaders would return home with them.

13. 85,000 tonnes of carpet was diverted from landfill sites in 2012.

14. 36,000 tonnes of carpet were recycled or reused.

15. 49,000 tonnes were used for energy recovery.

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