Monday, 25 November 2013

Ways To Make Your Office Feel More Comfortable

The appearance of your office is very important because it speaks volumes about the business. It is a place where employees will spend most of their lives. The monotony of going to the office on a daily basis becomes tiresome and can be very boring. The good part is that you can personalize the office and make it feel more welcoming. Walking daily into an office that is comfortable and friendly makes the time spent there a more pleasant experience, hopefully increasing staff productivity.

 As a place that you visit daily and probably spend most of your time, it is good to create a welcoming office environment.  For the business to thrive, it needs customers. Customers love a business with an environment that feels inviting and makes them feel welcomed. It is achievable through the following ways.

·                     The entrance
The entrance is crucial and should be clear and identifiable. The customer should not encounter challenges when parking or trying to locate your office. A good way to avoid this is by having a person to greet the potential customers warmly at the door and assist them where possible. A welcoming and friendly environment starts from the entrance.

·                     The space surrounding the office
People feel at ease and comfortable when they are in environments that look and feel like home. You can achieve this in your office. You can create a  lively atmosphere by having live plants and flowers in your office. Have very comfortable seats and add a personal touch.  You can buy a coffee pot, water machine or other refreshments to offer to your customers.  Another way to create a comfortable feeling in the office is by installing perfect lighting and have some magazines to keep the waiting customers occupied.

·                     Use of carpets
It is true that the first appearance tells it all. For the office to have that welcoming look, it should have some aspects that make the room feel warm. One of the strongest ways to achieve this is by using carpets. You might be surprised to discover the great effect and impact that a good looking office with a quality carpet has on a customer. Wall-to-wall carpets are the best for offices.

·                     Having the appropriate furniture and wall decorations
In addition, the furniture you keep in your office determines the mood. Always go for a carpet and furniture that has the design and style fitting your needs. Ensure the furniture you select is both functional and comfortable as well as hard-wearing.

The wall d├ęcor plays a vital role. A gloomy wall is not welcoming at all. Pick out some prints or buy artwork from local artists to brighten up the environment within the office.

·                     Setting the temperature right
Another thing that is crucial in an office is achieving a comfortable temperature. If you don't have air conditioning, then you can use a fan to reduce the heat levels inside the rooms on a hot day. Comfortable temperatures help people to work better.  Speak to your employees and customers and find a good level of heat that keeps the majority of people happy.


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