Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Quick Guide to Adhesives

Wondering which adhesive is right for your job? Our quick guide may help you decide:

Acrylic / Resin: great for PVC and most types of modern flooring

Bitumen: A tar like material with a high degree of moisture resistance, which is ideal for damp-proof membranes, tiles, wood blocks and mosaics.

Epoxy Resin: This is ideal for environments such as conservatories, wet rooms such as bathrooms, showers and kitchens and exterior installations.

Polyurethane: Great for wooden floors, thanks to its ability to bond rapidly.

Polyvinyl: Used commonly for close fitting joints in timber and laminate flooring.

Tackifier: Ideal adhesive for carpets, this is designed to increase the tackiness of an adhesive.

Water Based: To avoid odours and flammability common with chemical adhesives, many different types of adhesive are now water based.

If you would like to learn more about choosing the right adhesive for your carpets please visit the adhesiveadvice section on our website.