Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Giving your Office a Makeover

You work hard in your office, and you can be forgiven for just not noticing what it looks like to anyone coming in from the outside. When you're busy running a business it's easy to overlook the office d├ęcor and anything other than a quick clean and tidy can seem like a low priority, but if you have clients coming to your premises, creating a good impression really is important. You'll also feel more professional and find it easier to concentrate on your work if your office is smart, clean and tidy. Your staff will appreciate a more pleasant working environment too.

So why not invest some time into giving your office a makeover. Pick a time when you'll be causing the least disruption to your staff. Perhaps over a bank holiday weekend or during the Easter or Christmas holidays. A fresh coat of paint is cheap and gives a good result, the rooms will instantly look cleaner and brighter. A new carpet will also make a huge difference, good quality hard wearing commercial carpet tiles will be a good investment as they won't need replacing any time soon and it won't wear away and look scruffy. There are all sorts of great colours and patterns to choose from, and you can also opt for a stain resistant carpet. With your new carpet and walls you'll already see a massive difference.

Next consider your office furniture. If it's looking old and tired and you can afford to do so, new furniture will give your office a truly new look, however if you can't afford new furniture you could consider second hand furniture, or give that which you've already got a revamp with a coat of spray paint.

The layout of your office is important too. Position your desks so there aren't a lot of exposed wires trailing across the floor. In older buildings there can often be a lack of plug sockets, hailing back to the days before people had a whole host of electronic gadgets. If you suffer from this problem, it could be worth calling out an electrician to add in some new electrical sockets. It's not a huge job, and it won't be too much inconvenience if you've already got the room clear for your decorating and re-carpeting.

Perhaps you would like to create a little relaxation space or a meeting space within your office. This can be achieved easily in a small corner. Some nicely framed prints on the wall will add colour and interest to the room, and some potted plants. Choose fake ones if you know you'll forget to water them or if you don't get a lot of natural lighting in your office.