Thursday, 9 May 2013

Creating a Professional Office Environment

Investing in your office is always a good idea if your budget allows. Giving a good impression with a clean, tidy and stylish looking office space will always help you to make the right impression on your clients.

There's several aspects to consider when you're revamping your office space. Longevity, practicality and style are some of the main factors you'll need to consider and sometimes it can be hard to satisfy all your requirements.

Flooring needs a lot of consideration. You need something that is durable. Flooring can be a pain to replace if you have a busy office that's up and running all week. Pick a flooring that is long lasting and this chore won't have to be dealt with so often. You'll need something that's very hard wearing but that also looks good. Carpet is a good idea as it minimises noise. This is especially important if your work involves a lot of concentration, as most jobs do! Contract carpeting is made to be tough and hard wearing. It's made for high traffic areas and it's also created to be highly stain resistant meaning it will look new for much longer than other types of carpet, and it won't wear away in the areas that are used most such as in the hallways. Contract carpets from Birch Carpets are available in a huge range of colours and patterns, you can even have your own bespoke carpet made, so you won't need to sacrifice style for longevity.

A new coat of paint can transform an office environment, and it's lower maintenance than paper that can peel and look scruffy quite quickly. Pick a paint that is easy to wipe clean rather than a matt finish that will scuff and mark easily.

Your office furniture should also be tough and solid. Pick a classic style and it won't look dated too soon. Don't buy flimsy desks and chairs meant for home use, they will need replacing too soon, or will chip and look tatty. Instead go to a supplier for commercial offices. Spending a little extra can mean you'll have furniture that will last for many years without looking old and tired.

Accessories can really enhance your office and give it a more friendly and relaxing feel. Add some artwork to the walls, perhaps some house plants and you'll create a more welcoming vibe in your office. An office that is too empty and stark can feel cold and foreboding. If you want your clients to feel comfortable, adding in a few home comforts such as comfortable cushions in a casual meeting area will really make your office that little bit special.