Monday, 6 January 2014

Office Design for a Veterinary Clinic

Decorating a veterinarian’s office can be a challenging task, but with a few creative ideas, this unique project can be a fun experience that your employees and patients can enjoy for years.

No doubt the flooring choice for a veterinary clinic needs to be easy to clean, durable (to handle heavy traffic of two and four legged visitors) and of course, stain resistant.  These days, whatever type of flooring you choose, be it tiles, laminate or carpet, you will be able to pick up a highly stain resistant product very easily. Don’t dismiss the idea of carpet of for such an office, modern stain resistant carpets are easy to clean, don’t absorb spills and are very hard wearing. 

Wall decals are a fun way to advertise your business, direct patients to certain areas, and some textured floor decals can prevent slips and falls.  Decals in bright colours and fun shapes (such as a large paw print) are sure to draw the attention of everyone that walks through the door.  Fun artwork, in addition to educational charts on the walls will keep people moving around, and reading about important aspects of their pets overall health.

Also, thank you notes and letters from previous clients should be prominently displayed, to show new customers that you are compassionate, educated, will instill confidence, and that you will be a significant part in keeping their entire animal family happy and healthy.

Certain colour invokes different emotions, and you want to have your patients feeling calm and confident in your abilities to provide the best care for their furry friends.  Pale greens, blues or purples have been said to have a calming effect.  These light shades of colours naturally suppress the nervous system, and this is beneficial for those who need to be in your waiting room.  A slightly darker shade in the entire color scheme is acceptable, to accent the borders around the room.

Also, encourage employees to wear fun, animal print medical scrubs, as they offer a sense of friendliness, as well as professionalism. 

Something unique to a veterinary clinic/office, and an important consideration, is a good ventilation system.  For one reason or another, the variety of animals can cause an overwhelming odour in the office. In addition, all the unfamiliar smells from different animals can make other animals anxious.  To eliminate these problems, it is advised to use air filters, fans and air fresheners that will neutralize overwhelming odours, and make the air quality cleaner and more breathable.

Furniture type is also a major consideration for the dĂ©cor of a veterinarian’s office. Upholstery is probably not the best choice for a veterinary clinic, since a majority of the patients have claws, and may be prone to “accidents”.  Outdoor-type benches may be a better choice, as they are stable/sturdy, and easy to clean.
Reading material in the waiting room should be focused on pet care, and also some animal picture books for young children helps to keep nervous and active minds preoccupied.

Remember, the small touches that you add to an office environment can make big impressions. Some suggestions may include an animal themed lamp shade; an accessible water cooler for humans, and where owners may fill water bowls for their thirsty pets.  Keeping a few healthy treats for your four legged patients is also a nice, friendly addition to your entire office.