Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a necessity for a number of businesses and social impact enterprises.  But, just because something is a necessity that does not mean that it cannot be enjoyable (think about your food if you need an example).  Carpet tiles may not immediately come to mind when you think of enjoyable necessities, but when you consider the negative impact an unsightly carpet can have, then you will begin to understand.  And, the more you understand about carpeting tiles, and how they affect your business, the more enjoyable they become.  Ready to learn more?

What Materials Are Used in Carpet Tile Manufacturing?

Carpet tiles are made from the same materials as any other carpeting.  But, because of the way they are cut and installed, carpet tiles are often manufactured to have more inherent strength than broadloom carpeting.  So, although you may find a few wool blends in the mix, you are likely to encounter more manufactured materials in their compositions.  Fortunately, carpet tiles are tested for flammability and fire safety too.  That just gives you one less thing to worry about. 

Choosing a Carpet Tile Style

Carpet tiles are not the staid products they were decades ago.  Well, you can still get that if it is what you are after, but modern manufacturing means that carpet tiles now come in a wide variety.  This means that if you want an attractive pile or pattern – you can get it.  If you want to play with colour, you can do just that.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Carpet Tiles Are Better When You Chat with a Consultant

People who are passionate about carpeting can tell you all sorts of details about the product you are considering.  Those are the tiny details that get people excited, like what the pile density is.  That may not seem thrilling at first, but it means you can calculate how many times a month you will need to vacuum it (if you are a maths person or you just love your job).   Speaking to a consultant will also help you know when you are on the right track, or if you are daydreaming. 

It Is Easy to Order Carpet Tiles

Ordering ease is important to just about everyone, especially if they are a facilities manager.  Unlike broadloom carpet, you really do not need to be precise when you order carpet tiles.  You can simply calculate the square meterage, and then add in an extra box or two for good measure.  After all, your carpet will last for a remarkably long time, you will want a couple extra squares in case someone stains a part of your carpet (unintentionally, of course).

Carpet Tiles Do Not Need Special Equipment

Really, you can install carpet tiles yourself.  Though, it is always better to let the professionals handle it.  There are reasons for that, largely to do with warranties and guarantees; but why would you trouble yourself with a task that you are not proficient with when there are so many other (usually more effective ways) to spend your time?  Of course, you can install them if you are handy (and stubborn) enough. 

They Are Easy to Remove

When you are tired of your carpet tiles, they are easy to remove and replace.  Of course, they will not be worn thin; this change will be driven by the horrible colour choices made by your predecessor, or because you are changing the entire layout of your premises or because your business has just rebranded.  Whatever the reason, though, you can easily pull up carpet tiles for disposal and recycling.

You Can Transform Carpet Tiles into Good Deeds

And, you may even get a tax break for doing it.  The truth is that your carpet tiles will probably have a longer lifespan than your purposes.  That is simply because your business is doing well, right.  But, there are other operations which run solely from donations.  You can always donate your used carpeting tiles to a shelter or animal home – and you may even chalk it up to tax deductible charity.

Carpet Tiles Do Not Cost a Fortune

For many enterprises, this is the key point.  No one likes to spend more than they need, and that is especially true in today’s economy.  Carpet tiles are manufactured in such a way that excesses in transportation and cutting costs are removed.  Those savings are passed on to you, and everyone is happy.  Now, that is something that you wanted to know, right?

Maintenance is Extraordinarily Easy

Carpet tiles are created for easy maintenance.  Truly, they require little effort.  That is because they are made from the strongest materials and have pile densities that enable them to be cleaned easily.  This cuts down on the amount of vacuuming you need to do – and the number of times you need to shampoo your carpet in a year.  Plus, if an area of carpeting (or even just a tile) becomes stained or damaged, you can easily replace it, rather than fighting it.

Carpet Tiles Are Made to Withstand Your Wear and Tear

This is one flooring that is meant to be walked over.  You cannot imagine just how many pair of shoes it takes to damage, or wear out one carpet tile.  Although you may believe that you have heavy foot traffic, carpet tiles are made to withstand more so you can welcome new clients through your doors for years to come and never worry that you will need to replace your carpeting. 

You Do Not Have to Be Like Your Competition

You can always install better carpeting, or aim for a pattern that will set you apart.  Look for inspiration on how to play with carpet tiles for a unique effect, or chat with your consultants.  Remember that people who are wild about carpeting cannot wait to assist you – just like your business gets jazzed about the things that you produce.  It is simply the way people, and companies, behave.  But, of course, you can do whatever you like with your floors, we just hope you get as excited as we do, however you do it.

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