Thursday, 24 April 2014

10 Reasons to Consider Carpet Tiles for Your Business

Perhaps you inherited the carpet in your office or commercial business when you took over the lease, and now it is finally time for you to replace your floors to match your company’s needs better.  Or maybe you are just starting out, and you would like to ensure you refurbish your space properly the first time around.  Whatever your reasons for wanting new carpeting for your space, now is a perfect time to do it.  After all, carpeting has never been more durable, yet more beautiful.  Between the technology that goes into carpets today and the wide range of choices you have available, you are certain to find the best carpeting for your business – and hopefully with decidedly little effort from you. 

And, if you are considering new carpets for your business, you should unquestionably take a look at carpet tiles.  Here’s why:

Carpet Tiles Are Resilient – Carpet is naturally strong; carpet tiles are even more so.  They would need to be because in manufacturing, all those resilient properties are spread over a much smaller area rather than imposingly large rolls of material.  Plus, each one comes with a backing that holds all those properties in place.  And that is all on top of the fact that carpet tiles are manufactured for areas that receive heavy traffic.  Plus, there is a fair chance that if you find a carpet you like, you will find nearly (if not exactly) the same thing in a more durable carpet tile.

They Are Easy to Clean – Along with the durability in construction comes easy cleaning.   It is the result of several different reasons, but one of the main ones is the pile, which are usually quite tidy on carpet tiles.  Without too much space for carpets to hold and “lose” dirt, they easily give up all that they have taken in.  And that means that your maintenance team will not have to spend hours working your reception area. 

Carpet Tiles Can Be Installed Easily – This should be fairly obvious throughout the carpet installation process, beginning with measurements.  When it comes to broadloom carpeting, you need to have some genuinely specific measurements to hand – and once you place that order, that is it.  You will need to pay again if you have gotten it wrong.  But, if you are a metre short with carpet tiles, you can simply add on a box.  And, if, by chance, you have ordered too many, then you can always hold on to them as replacements. 

Carpet Tiles Are Replaceable – Whether you have an auto business, and a can of oil fell on your carpets or you have an office space with a clumsy Friday afternoon wine drinker, carpet tiles are built-in insurance that you can still keep your space looking fresh and new.  That is because if the cleaning fails (which can happen with some carpet ranges combined with some substances), you can always replace a singular tile or even an area.  And, you can do this rather quickly and easily yourself without having to place a new order.

You Can Move Your Floors – Expanding in new ways that no one could have predicted?  Or maybe you just want to shuffle the colours from the back of your office to the front.  Either way, moving carpet tiles is not only possible, it is a fairly straightforward job.  You lift and reapply; just like that.  No other flooring makes that possible.  So, if you are uncertain of the direction of your enterprise, or you simply enjoy the freedom to redecorate on a whim, carpet tiles should be your first choice.

Carpet Tiles Offer Pattern Play – If you love your carpet, but you are uninterested in a solid flooring, then carpet tiles are perfect for your space.  You can use a textured tile to create a pattern on the floor.  And, it can be as wild, or as tame as you want.  Simply choose a random installation – or a set pattern.  It is up to you, and you can always change it if you feel the need. 

They Offer Colour Options – If you are more interested in mixing together bold colours to create a stimulating effect in your business, carpet tiles will obviously allow for that in a way that wall to wall carpeting never can.  Even if you are keen on solid colours throughout your office, you are likely to have the same range of colours – and the durability to go with them in a carpet tile.

Creating Invisible Walls – Ever notice how a change in flooring creates an invisible boundary?  It is like a wall is rising up at the breaking point, separating two areas.  This is something carpet tiles do exceptionally well, far better than broadloom carpeting can.  And that is because of the way tiles are installed.  Whether you want to separate your accounts department, or make it clear which area of your shop front is reserved for new products, carpet tiles allow you create illusions with colour plays. 

Carpet Tiles Are Easy to Recycle – In many cases your carpet tiles will last longer than you want them; simply because upgrading your business is always a fun venture.  When it comes to the point where you want to invest in something new, carpet tiles can be easily recycled.  And, you have a wealth of options at the ready to do so – they can go to a local shelter, or other charity to be reused.  Or, you can simply take advantage of the carpet recycling services available from reputable manufacturers and dealers.  Just make sure you do not toss them with your black bin waste, they are far more useful than that.

Carpet Tiles Offer All the Other Benefits of Carpeting – This includes things like natural warmth and beauty, acting as a help to ground level insulation and noise absorption.  And although you may be able to achieve these in other ways – nothing will ever be as cost effective or lovely as carpeting.  And, if you can get all these things plus the benefits of carpeting tiles, then why wouldn’t you?

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