Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Choosing the Right Carpeting for Your Entertainment Complex

Entertainment complexes, regardless of the type of diversion they offer, are an essential part of modern life.  People need things to do outside of their home, and they love to be entertained.  But, behind the scenes, there is always plenty of work which must be done.  From scheduling to cleaning, the business of entertaining people (and keeping them safe at the same time) can be a hectic one.  And, all this comes before considering the current state of the economy, and the budgets which just are not what they should be.  Whether you are a facilities manager, or an entertainment property owner, you know that choosing the right carpeting for your space is imperative.

Planning for the Future

Regardless of the work your entertainment complex typically handles, this is bound to change at some point.  Audiences may grow larger, new diversions may become fashionable, entertainment legislation may change and all of these impact your business.  It also impacts on your space; you need to be prepared for anything.

The first step to choosing the right carpet is to consider all the entertainment you currently offer your guests, and to daydream a bit about the types of diversions you may offer in the future.  Perhaps it is adding in an arcade, or moving an eatery from their current premises into a smaller venue within your space.  Although many of these things will be difficult to forecast, any possible changes should be taken into account.  Remember that proper carpeting can last for many, many years; and unless you want to replace it sooner, it is always best to plan for the worst.

Maintenance Must Match Usage

You can hardly expect any flooring to remain in top condition unless you care for it properly.  When you welcome the public through your doors, you never know what you will get.  Obviously, continued maintenance is crucial so that you can tackle whatever challenges the people throw your way.  The key here is to match maintenance to the amount of usage your floors receive. 

But maintenance means different things to different carpets.  Some can handle a vast deal more foot traffic than others before they reveal the dirt trapped within piles.  Colour does have some effect on this, to be certain, but the quality and manufacture of your carpeting will do more.  The best thing you can do when choosing a carpet is to speak to your sales consultant honestly.  Under reporting your needs in order to secure cheaper flooring will mean that you need to spend more on maintenance – and replace your carpeting sooner. 

Broadloom versus Carpet Tiles

This is possibly the biggest question you will need to ask yourself.  Many people dream of the stunning good looks that broadloom carpeting offers, especially in a vast expanse of space.  Some people mistakenly believe that these actually retain their form better (rather than pulling at the corners).  However, this does have to do with the installation, and whether it was done properly.

One of the benefits of carpet tiles is that they are easily replaceable if a tile becomes damaged or stained.  And this can be crucial to maintaining a pristine facility for all events, at all times.  One of the other key benefits that comes with carpet tiles is that should you need to swop areas around, or upgrade that little bistro in the corner, you can simply add in or move carpet tiles as necessary.  That is flexibility that broadloom is simply unable to offer.

Playing with Colour

Different colours evoke different moods in people.  And carpeting is an easy way to do this without cluttering the walls, or investing in fancy gadgetry.  Because entertainment complexes must suit a variety of needs at different times, often the call is made to opt for neutral colours throughout the property. 

It does not need to be that way.  Colour on the floors can be easily balanced with the hues on the walls.  This allows you to divide spaces with colour.  It can be a directional clue as well as a division.  Even a few splashes of colour can help to liven your space to better reflect the diversions on offer (and possibly even remind patrons of your other entertainments).  Whatever palette you choose to work with, do not be afraid to play it up appropriately.  Your customers will love it. 

Patterns and Texture

Colour is not the only way to add vibrancy to your space.  If you absolutely must stick to a neutral palette, then consider the textures and patterns you can play with instead.  Consider a neutral colour with a dramatic pattern or texture to ensure that people notice your attention to detail whenever they enter your space.

If you purchase carpet tiles instead of broadloom installation, you have even more options to play with.  Although it will not have the same overall effect as a sudden change in carpeting colour, pile direction and texture can work to open a space, or close an area off.  If you are uncertain how to achieve this, your carpeting sales consultant will be able to guide you through the process, often suggesting solutions you may not have previously considered.  At the very least, your consultant will be able to steer you away from mistakes that other have made in the past.

Understand the Conditions of Sale

Some carpeting comes with guarantees or warranties, as do certain installation processes.  Make sure you are clear about what is and is not covered before you submit your carpeting order.  You may just find that a few pounds more could save you hundreds more by opting for a slightly different manufacture.  That is certainly something you want to know in advance.  After all, following the initial outlay, you must also factor in the cost of maintenance into that limited facilities budget.  The last thing you will want to do is turn your guests off from enjoying your space... especially when they do not know what wondrous things you are planning for the future. 

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